5 Tips on traveling to Casablanca

More and more people are visiting Moroccan cities every year. People come to Morocco to celebrate their honeymoon and spend productive time with family or friends. But most people ignore Casablanca as it is said that there is nothing much to see. The truth is Casablanca is a famous industrial city in Morocco that has a lot to offer to the tourists as well. So, plan your visit to Morocco and stay in Casablanca for a few days to explore the city. But what things you should keep in mind while traveling to a city?

Prepare your trip to Casablanca:

Casablanca is an important city in Morocco where people come for different reasons. When it comes to traveling, Casablanca is not tourists’ favorite city as they prefer to visit Fez, Marrakesh, and Rabat, etc. You should not believe rumors as Casablanca also has numerous things to see and visit.

If you are interested to see the art and culture, then visit the museums and art galleries in the city. You would admire the architecture in the city: Visit Hassan II mosque, King’s palace, or Sacre Coeur Cathedral. You will be amazed to see the beautiful architecture of the buildings in Casablanca.

Don’t worry about the accommodation in the city. Since Casablanca is an industrial city so you will easily find the accommodation according to your budget. There are luxurious hotels and resorts as well, where you can have a great time with family or friends. There is no lack of amusement and water parks in the city. So, if you are visiting Casablanca in summers, you can enjoy these water parks. Or you can visit the beaches in the city. Sit relaxed on the sand, take pictures of the sunset, and dine at the restaurants on the beach. What else can one desire?

Tips on traveling to Casablanca:

So, you are planning to visit Casablanca. There are a few things you must keep in mind while traveling to the financial capital of Morocco, “Casablanca.” Let’s have a look!

  1. Use bottled water:

Whenever you visit a place, do not drink tap water. Drinking water from a rap can worsen the system of acclimatization, so it is better to use bottled water. You can easily find bottled water in Casablanca. There are grocery stores and supermarkets in the city where you can buy water.

  1. Take care of belongings:

It is always important to take care of your belongings, no matter where you go. Casablanca is a safe city to visit, but there are pickpockets as well in the town. So, you should take care of your luggage while exploring the city. It is better not to take valuables and large sums of money along when you are visiting a site. Only keep the money that you may need. If you need more money, there are ATM’s in the city.

  1.    Stay away from guides:

You may find several tourist guides in Casablanca who will offer their services to you. It is better to say “no” to all of them. Since you don’t know anything about them, you can be in trouble. You need the services of a tour guide, then there are other valid sources available. Contact authorized agencies or people to get the services of tour guides.

  1. Choose decent clothes to wear:

Casablanca is a Muslim country. There are no restrictions regarding wearing clothes in public places and tourist spots. However, it is better to dress up modestly. If you are visiting the Hassan II mosque, then you are allowed to enter only if you have not worn revealing clothes. Dress up modestly in Casablanca.

  1. Tip to waiters:

You are enjoying visiting beautiful places in Casablanca, and of course, you dine at restaurants too. It is necessary to add 10% extra to the amount of bill as a tip to waiters. Do not leave money on the tables. Always give a tip in the hands of waiters directly.


You may not find Casablanca as exotic as the other cities of Morocco. But you will enjoy spending time walking down the streets in the city and visiting a few places. People wear modern and stylish dresses in the city, but since it is an Islamic country, so people do not wear revealing or exposing clothes. It is also necessary for tourists to dress modestly. There are various fashion boutiques in the city where you can find western dresses that will not look weird in a Muslim country.

Always keep the needed items while traveling. Do not bring extra stuff along as you are there for only a few days. It is always better to know a little about the city or place you are going to visit. It will help you enjoy your trip to the fullest and save you from getting into trouble.