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The business supposedly has over 440,000 customers, which made it an attractive target for online criminals. After yesterday’s assault, SmarterASP.NET became the next key web hosting firm to be struck by a hacking attack. Much like others, hackers were able to breach the defenses of the company, capture its data, and reestablish it.

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Those familiar with how ransomware works probably know that doing so makes data unreadable and useless to the company. Of course, there is likely a decryption key that hackers possess, and that is able to neutralize the encryption. Nonetheless, in order to provide it, hackers in these situations usually demand a payment that is massive.

According to what is known right now, the company is presently focusing on restoring its own servers. But, it’s still unknown if they have for restoring their missing files backups which could be utilized, or whether its officials decided to pay the ransom. All the firm has shown so far is the hack itself, as they notified users on their website.The message only says the consumers’ hosting accounts are under assault and all data was encrypted.

Up to now the company does not seem to have made much improvement in the recovery process, as the amount of users reporting that access to their own accounts and data remains obstructed, such as files on their websites and backend databases, it’s still big.

The incident has struck a lot of the consumers of this service very badly, since most of them use SmarterASP.NET as a back end of internet software to synchronize or back up important info. In accordance with web application security specialists, since these databases were also influenced by ransomware, it’s not possible for site administrators to move their operations to another IT implementation.

In the last few months, experts from the International Institute of Cyber Security (IICS) reported that the attack on two other leading asp net hosting companies. The incident happened at A2 Hosting where hackers used the GlobeImposter ransomware. The next victim was iNSYNQ, which had been infected last July with a variant of the MegaCortex ransomware, which prevented the proper functioning of the company’s systems for nearly two months; retrieval period for SmarterASP.NET is predicted to be similar.

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