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The Good The Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless provides an fit that is improved excellent sound for Bluetooth sports headphone, reliable procedure, and strong battery life (12 hours), thanks to Apple’s W1 chip. Pairing is dead-simple for iOS users plus the headphones additionally work fine with Android os phones.

The Bad Competing models are simply as good or better and cost less; perhaps not a major update over Powerbeats2 Wireless.

The underside Line The PowerBeats3 Wireless is a decent step up over its predecessor, but it’s no deal in an ever more crowded marketplace for wireless recreations headphones.


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When you have one of the best-selling wireless earphones in the world, what do you do for an encore?

Well, the safest choice would be to make some small but not insignificant changes — tweak around the edges so to speak — but mainly leave what got you to the top alone. And that’s exactly what Beats has done with the Powerbeats3 Wireless, the latest iteration of its uberpopular Bluetooth activities headphone.

At it, the core powerbeats 3 t mobile design has remained intact, and the Powerbeats3 Wireless looks a lot like the Powerbeats2 Wireless — and not surprisingly its list price is the same ($200/£170/AU$260) as you can see from looking. It’s available in black, white, siren red, shock yellow and flash blue. And like the model that is previous they’ll still endure to sweat and rain — just do not expect them to survive a full-on dunking in water.

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Beats has somewhat lengthened the earbud post (the Powerbeats3 Wireless is on right) and changed its angle to enable a better fit for more individuals.

Ariel Nunez/CNET
You have to look closely to obtain the design tweaks nonetheless they’re here. For starters, Beats has slightly changed the style of the earbud post, lengthening it a bit and somewhat changing its angle in order to enhance the fit of this headphones and permit more and more people to have a tight seal.

This new model did fit me only a little better, but I nevertheless couldn’t get a tight seal from a single for the four included eartips, and so I tried several I’d lying around from other headphones i am testing and winding up with a foam Comply tip that maximized sound quality. (If Beats had extended the earbud post a couple of more millimeters, one of the supplied tips probably would have gotten me that elusive tight seal).

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The earhook design is one of the headphone’s signature design characteristics and the main good explanation people believe it is appealing.

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It is critical to get that seal, because should you choose, this really is among the better-sounding Bluetooth sports headphones online, with good information, strong bass, and pretty sound that is open. However, since it costs $200 if you don’t, it will sound thin and mediocre and you’ll be disappointed, particularly. To be clear: The sound is the same as that of the Powerbeats2 Wireless; Beats have not upgraded the sound, just the fit.

As for other modifications, you obtain a new carrying that is protective (it reminded me of a coin purse), which I liked, and the Remote Talk inline remote has been redesigned and dramatically improved. The remote’s slimmer plus the buttons are far more reaction — you’ll adjust amount, skip songs forward and right back and answer and end telephone calls.