Pre-Production Tips to Create Successful talking head Video Content for YouTube

You should know what are the main things that you need to do before creating a talking head video. Sometimes just words-and-pictures animated videos are more engaging. A lot of web application’s intros and product presentations are not talking head videos. Take a look at Amazon’s new Kindle Fire‘s Quick Tour Video. If talking head videos were more effective, Amazon would have used it.

But if you are trying to build your own tribe, you need to connect with your audience by showing up. Though I wouldn’t recommend using talking head videos for all the content you produce, creating one for once in a while is useful in establishing the connection with your audience and letting them know that you are a real person behind the pixels on YouTube. Moreover, it helps to gain a lot of new YouTube views and subscribers.


If you are just starting in your business and don’t want to invest even $450 in video recording equipment, you can use your computer’s webcam, iPhone 4S’s camera or even the webcam on your laptop.

Content is what matters the most and everything else is secondary. An average quality video recording wouldn’t affect a video with great content. However, keep in mind that higher quality audio and video will improve the perceived value of your information and you multiply the effect of your video by leaps and bounds.

Use a good Voice Recorder:

While buying a voice recorder make sure that it is a digital voice recorder where the files can be transferred to the PC directly. Some voice recorders will be cheap and will have good reviews but when you look more closely it will have some other recording format which makes it difficult to use with your computer.

The main advantage of using a DSLR camera for video recording is that you will be able to shoot videos with the background blurred out. Such an effect is called a ‘bokeh’ (Pronounce it as bokah). The following photo shows a pic with the same effect.
After you record the audio and the video, you have to match the audio track with the video track. This process would be easy if you just match it with the waveform of the audio track which was recorded from the video camera. Later you can delete the audio track from the camera’s recording.

Be aware of sound quality

A video with good content, good editing, and bad audio can kill the entire video. However, a video with good content, good audio and average video would still survive. Audio is 50% of your video. If you are using good cameras, all of them have a microphone jack and you can just plug in a collar microphone and connect it to the camera directly. However, the wires will be running around and you or someone may trip over it bringing the whole setup to a crash.

Set up lights

Lighting is a separate topic for itself and deserves a detailed article. But before I wind up this guide, let me tell you a nice portable lighting option which I came across recently. It is the Westcott Ice Light. Use it for creating high quality videos.


I hope you learned a lot in this article about talking head videos. But remember that talking head videos are boring online so do not overuse it. They are great for establishing a connection with your audience and sometimes even necessary if you are selling.