Real Estate Broker: ” You Only Have 7 Seconds; No more

You Cannot Climb the Ladder of Success Dressed in the Costume of Failure.

The image transmitted by the real estate broker is very important in his work. What you project in the first 7 seconds, (which is a time long enough to absorb a first impression of another person) , will remain engraved in your client’s mind, for a long period of time or forever.

It may be unfair; but it is like this. I don’t say it, the communication experts say it and we can check it daily if we pay attention to the clients’ body language. Their language says a lot about what they think about you. In other words, the image projected by the real estate broker may be the cause of its success or failure. And that without having pronounced a word yet.

So is; A few seconds are enough for clients to judge the real estate broker when they contact him / her for the first time . The client is not aware that it does, it happens unconsciously. And we all do it. It is part of our primitive heritage, when we could not afford to make bad decisions or take a long time to act.

Judging the image of the real estate broker in the first seven seconds of a meeting in which you know him, is part of the self-defense mechanisms that the client has. So, although their prejudices can be interposed when making a fleeting and automatic analysis, The customer can’t stop doing it. Neither you nor.

Knowing that there is no 2nd chance to make a 1st impression, let’s look at some tricks you can use to be perceived as an expert professional and build trust. Then phase 2 will come, which is to maintain that positive initial perception.

The Real Estate Broker and the 1st Personal Meeting.

Working at Sky Marketing, the top real estate company in Islamabad the first thing the client thinks when he knows you is to analyze whether he should feel threatened ; and immediately afterwards he makes judgments of attractiveness and personality. It does so in just 7 seconds unconsciously. With this in mind, what can you do to improve your image? Here are some tricks:

1 .- Do not arrive at the meeting emitting signs of shyness, anxiety or hostility, most likely that nuances the customer’s perception of your personality. You are entering with a bad footing.

2.- Always cultivate the authentic being , (yourself) and keep calm – neither anxious nor arrogant – in any situation. Speak clearly and slowly.

3.- Breathe deeply to release anxiety and be aware of how you dress just before the moment of the encounter.

4.- You dressed the right clothes to sell a product of more than $ 100,000 dollars. You may not like wearing a tie or if you are a woman wearing a skirt, but your real estate broker image will have positive or negative connotations on your client.

5.- Maintaining a right posture is important. Sagging shoulders are characteristic of selfless or faint hearted people. Surely you are not, but that is the image that you will give with fallen shoulders.

6.- Turn off your mobile during the whole meeting. Now the most important thing in this world for you is your client. Even if the client tells you that he does not care if you answer a call, he will feel that you are not paying adequate attention.

7.- If you carry a wallet or purse with documentation, make sure you carry it in your left hand. If you keep it on the right, it will feel damp when shaking hands.

8.- In the first personal contact with the client it is time to put your listening skills to 110%. Pay your attention to what the other person tells you and in their body language, and the most important thing is their name! If you didn’t hear it well, ask me to repeat it. Asking later will detract from credibility.

9.- Do not invade your client’s personal space too soon. A little more than the distance of your stretched arm, is normal.

10.- Use open gestures , instead of crossing your arms or legs at ankle level. Use your hands wisely. May your hands express what you say.

11.- A sincere and slow smile works wonders. Your client will notice a little sincere smile 10 kilometers away. Sincere smiles come from the heart; Not from the head. If your way of thinking is “help your customer buy”; instead of selling your property, that sincerity will appear. You just have to know how to transfer it to your smile.

“As you can see, the image of the real estate broker is important. It has to be in tune with the product you sell. Your way of dressing, your way of communicating in those 7 seconds, (well let’s put 10 or 15, but you already me you understand), and your body language will help your client prefer to deal with you to deal with the competition. “

The Real Estate Broker and the Telephone.

Another aspect that is not usually given the importance it deserves is the way the phone is answered. Doing it the right way projects a positive tone, makes the caller feel comfortable and prepares you to answer any questions you may have.

1.- Answer quickly. If you are in a business environment, it does not benefit you to make people wait. He answers the telephone and answers before the third bell.

2.- Breathe deeply before answering. This will help you stay calm and in control, so it will be easier for you to talk slowly and organize your ideas

3.- Consider writing a script of your greeting, so you won’t have to think about what to say when the phone rings. This message will change a bit depending on the circumstances. Mention your name before asking who is calling.

4.- Keep a pencil and a notebook near the phone. This will allow you to write down information quickly, don’t make the person wait on the phone while looking for something to write with.

5.- Smile while you speak. This is the most important recommendation. When you smile, your voice becomes more pleasant and generates more confidence.

6.- Speak clearly and professionally . You are in a professional environment, so it is important that the other person does not misunderstand your words. Avoid using jargon like “yes,” “fixed,” or “nah.” Instead, use clear words like “yes” and “no.”

If you have to give someone specific numbers or letters, such as transmitting a name or a phone number, it would be good to familiarize yourself with the phonetic alphabet. In this way, you will avoid confusing those letters that sound similar, such as “B” and “U,” with helpful suggestions such as “U for University Town Islamabad.”

7.- Avoid distractions . Leave what you are doing and focus on the phone call so that the caller has your full attention. You don’t want to show yourself as a distracted or too busy person to answer questions or provide help.

I recommend that when you receive a call while on the street , you stop before picking up the phone and answer it without being on the move. Many sales have been lost for not doing so.

These recommendations will help you convey a more positive image to your customers. I know that some of them you already knew, but it is not bad to remember that they are important and you should keep them in mind at all times.

On the other hand, you may find all these recommendations a bit basic, however I must tell you that too many real estate brokers do not take them into account, both on the phone and in the first personal contact, therefore they will be basic, but you have to remember them.

We would be grateful if you would leave us a comment on this article. What do you think is the most common failure that real estate brokers make when showing a home? Your opinion interests us. Thank you.